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Why work with us?

Imagine being part of a dynamic team that moves people and possibilities, where every day presents a new adventure. We offer an engaging work environment that values your contribution and fosters your growth, all while providing a vital service to our community. By joining us, you're not just starting a job; you're accelerating your career in a direction that values diversity, creativity, and personal development. To Apply, please send a resume and cover letter

Daily and Monthly Leasing

Interested in maximizing your earnings with flexible leasing options? We offer both daily and monthly leasing arrangements to suit your needs and help you thrive as part of our team. For more details on how you can leverage these opportunities to best fit your lifestyle, please reach out to us.

Driver requirements

Explore exciting career opportunities and join our team of dedicated professionals. To Apply, please send a resume and cover letter

Class 4 drivers license

Obtaining a class 4 driver's license allows you the freedom to drive professionally and expand your career opportunities.

Clean driver abstract

A clean driver abstract is a record of a driver's history with no traffic violations or accidents, showing their responsibility and reliability on the road.

Criminal record check

Before you can join our team, we require applicants to undergo a criminal record check to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and customers.

...and a friendly smile

Be a happy and cheerful taxi driver, always prepared to share positive energy with your passengers while providing excellent customer service.

Ready to go?

Simply give us a call or book online for an immediate pick-up. Your next ride is just a few clicks away!

*There are no charges for booking or cancellation fees.

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