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An Accepted Form of Payment in the Greater Nanaimo Area

Give the gift of a safe ride home with the Yellow Cab gift card. This is an ideal gift suitable for anyone requiring personal or corporate transportation. The taxi cards from Yellow Cab Of Nanaimo are an accepted form of payment anywhere in the Greater Nanaimo area. You can pre-pay these gift cards and reload them with additional funds for long-term or short-term usage. In the unfortunate event that they’re lost or stolen, they can also be easily replaced.

Cards can be purchased in any amount, but remember, it’s always the individual’s responsibility to keep track of the card’s value and ensure you have sufficient funds to cover a cab fare in full if there are not enough funds remaining on your card. You will be required to pay the difference in cab fare. To check your card’s balance, review your transactions or load more funds onto your card, simply contact us!


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